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1331 - 118TH AVE SE, SUITE 200


(425) 455-4038

Advanced Spinal Rehab Center

The Leading Northwest Center for Non-Surgical Treatment of Scoliosis

“ Dear Dr. Scot Sorum…
also known as Doc,

Thank you for everything.
Thank you for caring.
For having wonderful workers
For liking my socks
For asking random questions to your patients
For being easy to talk to
For introducing me to your other patients
For the beef and ostrich stick
For being friendly and laughing a lot
For the bracelets (the glow-in-the dark one works by the way)
For letting me write down quotes on the whiteboard
For having me as your patient
For saying good job
For giving me results
For helping my mom
For appearing happy all the time
For reminding me to smile
For being a great chiropractor
Thank you for the past two weeks because it’s the first time in a very long time that I didn’t have to hide my uneven back
In a hoodie and worry about exposing my back;
I didn’t feel self-conscious and I like that.
Thank you for this experience Doc
Keep doing what you do; make random sound effects, hum occasionally,
Make your patients smile, and whatever else you do, keep it up
*I feel a lot better about myself, thanks to you and Debe
Your Canadian patient, Olga”

Chiropractic helps my soccer performance — Kayla”

Here is what Bellevue, WA has to say about Dr. Scot Sorum!

Welcome to Advanced Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Bellevue, Washington! We offer the latest in research based procedures for the non surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis.

The first thing you will notice about our office is that we are different than other chiropractic offices. We provide state-of-the-art research based care; you will see that our office is set up with proprioceptive exercise stations, oxygen absorption meters, pre and post treatment areas specifically designed to help you recover faster and make the treatment last longer.

Our open area office is designed to facilitate communication between the patients, doctors and our highly trained rehabilitation specialists. We are confident that you'll find your time with us to be the most positive therapy experience you've had.

Our Mission is to fully empower our patients to attain their optimal state of well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.


Kathie-Scoliosis Patient. Age 55 and starting non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Kathie never treated her scoliosis after being diagnosed with it age 16. At age 55 and experiencing major pain, she was referred to Advanced Spinal Rehab ( of Bellevue, WA for treatment. She is now treating the disease much later than she should have, but is finding that it’s not too late! She’s lost weight, she’s off blood pressure medicine, her pain has subsided, and she has the tools to maintain her life and longevity.